EDAC316 - Positive Environments for Learning and Development

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

Children between the ages of birth to 8 years attend early childhood services and centres for a range of education and care reasons. Expectations about children's interactions and participation within the environments provided in these centres and through these services vary, depending the context and purpose of the program. In this unit pre-service teachers will critically investigate ways in which these environments enable and constrain children's learning and development. The diversity of young children and the range of settings they can experience will be investigated as part of a broad range of strategies needed by teachers for developing and maintaining positive environments. A variety of perspectives will be used to support pre-service teachers to understand children's behaviour. Ways of supporting children to learn about their own and other's behaviours will be considered. Pre-service teachers will develop and analyse approaches which build engaging and positive environments for learning and which support positive behaviours. This analysis will support them to recognise the role that intentional teaching and engaging learning environments play in promoting positive behaviours. The following aspects will be considered in this analysis: children's social and emotional competence; resilience; positive sense of self; and sense of wellbeing.

This unit aims to assist pre-service teachers to develop strategies and practical approaches that lead to positive outcomes for the diverse range of children who participate in early childhood education. The multiple requirements of policies, curriculum documents and relevant legislation across both the prior to school and school sectors will be addressed.