EDCX202 - Curriculum Decision-Making in the Early Years: Connections and Continuities

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This unit introduces pre-service teachers to curriculum studies in early childhood education. Students investigate a range of historical, contemporary and critical perspectives about curriculum in early childhood education, including how constructions of childhood influence constructions of curriculum. Emphasise will be given to the roles early childhood teachers play in building curriculum continuities across children's prior experiences and their current and future learning. Students will learn about the range of factors that influences curriculum documents and curriculum practice. They will investigate early childhood pedagogy that impact learning, teaching and assessment, and which support connections and continuities across diverse contexts. Students will engage with a range of current early childhood polices and curriculum documents. Students will develop relationship skills to enable professional connections and continuities and analyse their roles as professional practitioners and advocates. Pre-service teachers are challenged to reflect on these roles and to articulate a vision for their teaching that embodies respect for human dignity in all dimensions of their personal lives and professional practice. Students' learning in this unit is explored and put into practice through guided field experience and block practicums with children in the 3-5 year old age range.