EDFD268 - Teaching and Learning: Preparing for the Contexts of the Field

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Teaching Organisation:

This unit will focus on assisting pre-service teachers develop and apply a critical understanding of a variety of social and cultural contexts, including addressing issues of disadvantage. Preservice teachers will be introduced to ways of selecting and implementing appropriate teaching, learning and assessment strategies to address these contexts. Pre-service teachers will prepare for teaching experience by engaging with strategies related to classroom organisation and management, lesson planning and assessment procedures which include setting differentiated learning goals. It is expected that a commitment to social justice and inclusivity as well as an appreciation of the sacred will deepen and broaden as an understanding of the diverse religious, cultural and social backgrounds of children is emphasised. Pre-service teachers will form links between theory and practice in a coherent manner as they describe, analyse and reflect upon current practices, develop communication, planning and organisational skills and relate their observations to the theoretical foundations introduced and their developing professional framework.