EDFD451 - Early Childhood Leadership Management and Advocacy

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

The unit content acknowledges the growing trend towards integrated early years leaning centres and the benefits of collaboration across all learning contexts, and the need for professional leaders to have knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary leadership. The unit focuses on the development of knowledge and skills to support the establishment of effective leadership, management and advocacy policies and procedures for early childhood education. Pre-service teachers will critically reflect on ways in which policies and procedures reflect State and Commonwealth legislative mandates and operate within an ethical framework. The unit is structured to provide varied opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge and awareness of processes that may assist in the building and maintaining of effective partnerships that enable leadership, management and advocacy. These processes will include strategies for collaborative leadership, effective decision making and self-awareness. Skills in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution are developed through group discussions, role-plays in simulated contexts, and through critical reflection on practice relevant to the exploration of home/centre/school partnerships. Pre-service teachers will develop the required skills to engage in a research informed advocacy and leadership practices in early childhood contexts and to be able to engage effectively with key stakeholders.