EDFX413 - Professional Experience 4: Extended Reflective Practice

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PrerequisitesEDFX319 Professional Experience Upper Primary, LNTE100 LANTITE Literacy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students, LNTE101 LANTITE Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students
Teaching Organisation

This school-based professional experience is undertaken in the final year of the course and facilitates the induction of pre-service teachers into the profession. This practicum focuses on the identification of the professional role of the teacher as one of reflector, thinker, learner, and investigator within a particular classroom context and as an integral member of a school community. The unit allows principals, school coordinators, supervising teachers and pre-service teachers to work collaboratively with the University to assess, challenge, develop and extend the abilities of pre-service teachers. It also provides opportunities for school-based study and the development of closer links between theoretical considerations and the teaching and learning experiences encountered in schools.

This unit aims to provide pre-service teachers with a substantial block of extended reflective professional experience that more closely approximates the realities of everyday teaching and extends the pre-service teachers’ repertoire of pedagogical skills including the use of ICTs to support teaching and learning, and develop the pre-service teacher’s appreciation of the teacher’s role within the school and broader educational community. Pre-service teachers will be required to plan, implement, assess and report using appropriate teaching and learning programs, informed by content, knowledge and appropriate student data.