HRMG200 - Applied Human Resource Management

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible Nil
Teaching organisation 3 hours per week (two hours of lectures and one hour of tutorial) for 12 weeks or equivalent in intensive mode or online

The effective management of human resources is an important factor in achieving sustainable business outcomes. To be a skilled human resource practitioner, you will need to understand the issues that shape human resource management policies, systems and practices, and their implementation. In this unit, you will develop your knowledge of the strategies, theories and practices of human resource management which contribute to the ethical management of people at work. You will apply your knowledge of human resource management frameworks and models to organisational activities including human resource planning, analysis and job design talent acquisition and selection and global human resource management. You will develop skills in the design and implementation of human resource management processes, activities and solutions.

The aim of this unit is to enhance your knowledge of human resource management theory and practices and to develop your understanding of the processes and skills necessary to effectively design and implement human resource management solutions and activities.