EDAR104 - Creative Arts in the Early Years

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation Nil

This unit is designed to build on students’ practical and theoretical understandings about the nature of arts experiences, and young children’s engagement with the creative arts in the areas of visual art, music, dance, movement, drama and media. Pre–service educators will engage in practical arts experiences, have opportunities for critical consideration of art education pedagogy relevant to early years (Birth–5), and develop a broad understanding of the diversity of young children’s arts experiences across multiple contexts. The development of these skills and knowledge will enable students to explore co–constructivist approaches to teaching and learning, and to develop strategies for supporting and extending young children’s arts experiences. Pre–service teachers will also apply this knowledge to support their ability to engage in partnerships with families and communities. Through their engagement with research literature pre–service teachers will gain an understanding of and be able to apply critical analysis to the principles and practices of a range of early childhood curriculum documents in relation to the arts (eg the Early Years Learning Framework).