EXSC116 - Journey in the Natural World

10 cp
Prerequisites EXSC115 Foundations of the Outdoor Experience
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

Central to outdoor education leadership practice is a strong base of knowledge about journeying in the natural world; an ability to apply that knowledge; and the skills necessary to be an ethical, caring and considerate leader. These foundations form part of the professional standards expected of all outdoor leaders, and are important for creating citizens who recognise their responsibility to the common good, the environment and society. The unit teaches students to move through and live in the outdoors in an independent, self-reliant and responsible manner. To help build their outdoor leadership confidence and potential, the students are provided with an opportunity to apply these skills in a variety of natural settings. Specifically, this unit aims to enable students to examine their relationship with the natural world, and to develop an understanding of the personal, social and environmental factors associated with journeying in the natural world.