EXSC390 - Leadership Practices and the Outdoor Experience

10 cp
Prerequisites EXSC202 or EXSC116 Journeying in the Natural World
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

Outdoor leadership requires a strong knowledge and skill base to enable effective delivery of and reflection on led-outdoor activities and programs. In a field where self-reliance is critical, self-evaluation techniques in relation to personal leadership, and skills to be an ethical, caring and considerate leader are required. These abilities form part of the professional standards expected of all outdoor leaders. This unit teaches students to identify, apply and evaluate key outdoor competencies and leadership skills.

This unit aims to develop students’ self-awareness and leadership capabilities by analysing various leadership styles and determining their suitability in a variety of group, environmental and program settings. Students engage in fieldwork including a solo experience to reflectively observe and examine the use and application of solo journeys in outdoor programs and test their foundational outdoor competencies including environmental, navigation, leadership and group living skills.