EXSC391 - Evaluation of Outdoor Experience

10 cp
Prerequisites EXSC390 Leadership Practices and the Outdoor Experience
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

The ability to deliver programs that model sustainable practices, and are cognisant of indigenous relationship to country and contemporary understandings of connection to natural world are central to outdoor education leadership. Outdoor education leadership requires a strong knowledge base to enable effective evaluation of outdoor programs, as well as self-evaluation techniques in relation to personal leadership on journey-based programs. These abilities form part of the professional standards expected of all outdoor leaders. This unit introduces students to leadership for extended self-sufficient journeys, where they will plan implement and evaluate a self-lead; sustainable and ethical program. Specifically, this unit aims to enable students to develop advanced outdoor leadership skill specific to emergency response in remote settings; to be able to evaluate journey based programming; examine their personal leadership styles; and to continue to explore indigenous and sustainable nature based relationships.