HIST115 - Global History Six Degrees of Separation

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Global connections have shaped human history and are important for understanding our globalized world. This unit explores the long-historical processes by which the world became increasingly interconnected. It will provide students with historical context for the important longstanding phenomenon of globalisation, and the complex networks of people and ideas that have driven global transformations. This prepares students to understand human convergence and interaction over time, and to investigate the major cultural, economic, environmental, political and social forces that have shaped our world.

The aim of this unit is to trace the history of the present era of globalisation by examining key historical examples including the interactions between colonial and Indigenous powers, the development of economic and trading relationships through areas such as Africa, Asia and Europe. It will give students an opportunity to use historical skills to analyse and critique local and international examples of global history.