LAWS201 - Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution

10 cp
Prerequisites LAWS105 Contract Law, LAWS106 Criminal Law and Procedure, LAWS206 Torts
Teaching Organisation 4 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent.

The Rule of Law, and access to legal advice, are the basis of free, democratic, and just societies which promote personal dignity, thriving communities, and the Common Good. Law graduates working in legal practice, in business, in government, and in the community play an essential role in promoting and upholding the Rule of Law in Australia and across the world. The Bachelor of Laws degree is an accredited degree for admission as a legal practitioner in Australia.

Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution deals with the law relating to the resolution of civil disputes between two or more parties. It focuses on the resolution of such disputes using the court system, including how issues are identified through pleadings, how evidence is obtained and used, the conduct of trials, the nature and enforcement of judgments and the right of appeal. The unit will also examine alternative forms dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution) such as mediation and arbitration as well as the skills of negotiation and persuasion.