PUBH306 - Public Health Law and Ethics

10 cp
PUBH100 Foundations of Public Health, PUBH102 Foundations of Health Promotion, PUBH103 Epidemiology
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

Public health is often defined as the “organised efforts” of society to protect and promote population health, and a critical element of these organised efforts is policy development including legislative reform. Students will be introduced to foundational concepts in law and policy, and how these constructs influence health. Key policy frameworks relating to health promotion and protection will then be considered Students will also consider the role of policy in improving population health. Emphasis will be placed on policy development, implementation, impact, analysis and reform, with special reference to the role of politics, stakeholder interests, evidence and economics in policy-making. Where appropriate this will include examples of skills, knowledge required for culturally appropriate, respectful and social justice informed public health policy responses to support indigenous communities. The unit will conclude with students examining the policy-making process from an advocacy perspective, where students will explore how public health practitioners can participate and influence this process to produce improve policy (and thus population health) outcomes. The aim of this unit for students to examine the various policy frameworks designed to promote and protect health.