PUBH311 - Contemporary Issues in Public Health

10 cp
Prerequisites: PUBH100 Foundations of Public Health, PUBH200 Globalisation, Environment and Health
Teaching Organisation: Nil

To promote and protect population health, public health professionals must understand and respond to contemporary and emerging health challenges. These issues change over time, and are reflected in the concerns of public health agencies worldwide. In this unit, students will gain an in-depth understanding of key contemporary and emerging public health challenges, their determinants and approaches to addressing them. Drawing on the expertise of public health staff, it will help students to gain knowledge about public health challenges such as the growing burden of non-communicable disease risk factors; emerging and resurgent infectious diseases; urbanisation and environmental change; gender and health; and global health equity. This knowledge will be applied though case studies in Australia and internationally. The unit aims to provide students with advanced skills and insights for future public health practice.