SPHY307 - Complex Cases in Speech Pathology

10 cp
Prerequisites: SPHY301 Mealtime, Feeding and Swallowing across the Lifespan; SPHY302 Speech Pathology Practice 3A; SPHY303 Voice Disorders across the Lifespan
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This unit provides students with the opportunity to assimilate each of the Speech Pathology Australia range of practice areas of speech, language, voice, fluency, multimodal communication and swallowing within complex case scenarios. Assessment and management of disorders of communication and swallowing is becoming increasingly multifaceted. Speech pathologists are required to draw on their various knowledge bases, integrate, compare and reason across and within the range of practice areas, all within the additional presence of differential diagnosis dilemmas, and cultural, moral, ethical, and/or legal issues, and other assessment and intervention challenges.

Speech pathologists are also often required to work in sole positions, or conversely in multi or interdisciplinary teams and increasingly, in trans-disciplinary roles. In this unit, students will revisit content taught in earlier units, but with increased complexity, enabling students to demonstrate more advanced professional and occupational competency development. Case scenarios will provide a platform for discussion, problem solving and decision making, whilst acknowledging the sometimes competing elements of evidence based practice, person centred care and workplace limitations when working in real-life rather than theoretically.