SPHY402 - Speech Pathology Practice 4b

30 cp
Prerequisites SPHY400 Speech Pathology Practice 4A
Teaching Organisation

This unit is the final of seven Professional Practice units that provides direct evidence of practice competencies required by Speech Pathology Australia for entry into the profession. During the previous six professional practice units, students have progressively increased their independence, ability to manage complexity, and skills in integrating and analyzing information. In this capstone unit students will engage in an intensive period of professional practice activities and experiences. These will consolidate the student’s undergraduate identity and competence in providing holistic, evidence based and person-centered speech pathology care.

Entry level skills, knowledge and attitudes are fostered throughout the unit, as students prepare for transition to the workforce. Students will demonstrate entry level competencies in Speech Pathology in accordance with the Competency Based Occupational Standards (CBOS) by the completion of the unit.