MIDW100 - Clinical Midwifery Practice 1

10 cp
Prerequisite BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1; MIDW127 Foundations in Midwifery
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit provides opportunities for students to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in simulation laboratories and experience the first of five units which include supervised clinical practice. Foundation midwifery practice skills will be developed and extended through scenario based learning in the laboratory. Additionally, students will continue to participate in and learn from the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE). This unit is required by students to assist them to develop knowledge and skills regarding a woman-centred approach to care in midwifery.

The aim of this first Clinical Midwifery Practice unit is to provide the foundations on which clinical assessments are based, and model the way in which students will contextualize their theoretical knowledge through clinical practice.