MIDW113 - Midwifery Care of the Pregnant Woman

10 cp
Prerequisites: HLSC122 Evidence for Practice; MIDW127 Foundations in Midwifery
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit will extend foundational midwifery knowledge to provide safe, woman-centred, effective care across the childbearing continuum. The unit is required by students to consolidate their foundational learning and extend their midwifery knowledge on the role of the midwife within the available models of maternity care. The exploration of pre-pregnancy and antenatal evidence-based care and advice will prepare students for support of women during the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) as a requirement for course registration. Commonly used medications and non-pharmacological therapies in the continuum of pregnancy care will be explored.

The aim of this unit is to extend students' knowledge of contemporary midwifery concepts in relation to care planning for women across the childbearing continuum.