MIDW127 - Foundations in Midwifery

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit introduces the underpinning knowledge, philosophies, roles and practice of midwifery as the foundational midwifery unit within the Bachelor of Midwifery. Students develop their knowledge of women's health, normal human anatomy and physiology and health assessment, including the alterations and changes in normal pregnancy. Students are introduced to foundational midwifery assessment skills. Collaborative and autonomous aspects of midwifery practice are explored in relation to primary health care principles and the scope of midwifery practice. The concept of community engagement will be introduced in this unit as an element of reflective practice and promoting the common good.

The foundations of midwifery unit is required by students to embed fundamental knowledge around what it is to be a midwife, inclusive of the autonomous and collaborative aspects of midwifery practice in relation to primary health care.

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to contemporary midwifery concepts, and to inform their understanding of the roles of the midwife in primary health care.