MIDW216 - Midwifery Care of the Birthing Woman

10 cp
Prerequisites (MIDW100 Clinical Midwifery Practice 1 AND MIDW113 Midwifery Care of the Pregnant Woman) OR (MDGE100 Introduction to Midwifery and Care of the Pregnant Woman AND MDGE101 Introduction to Midwifery Practice)
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit focuses on the development of midwifery knowledge and attitudes related to working with women during labour and birth in a culturally competent way. The pre–pregnancy and antenatal knowledge from previous units provides the building blocks for learning in this unit. Common interventions observed in labour and birth and knowledge of common medications will be explored.

This unit is required by students to assist their ongoing development of midwifery knowledge, specifically in relation to normal physiological changes during labour, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to contemporary concepts in relation to midwifery care of the birthing woman.