PARA107 - Paramedic Theory: Trauma Emergencies

10 cp
BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1, PARA104 Foundations of Paramedic Practice
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

It is a requirement that the paramedic is able to link theory with practice and perform clinical duties underpinned by a theoretical understanding. To perform these skills well, the paramedic must be able to reflect critically on their practice and appraise their performance. The unit focuses on theoretical aspects of recognition, assessment and management of a person exposed to trauma, environmental exposure and envenomation in the pre–hospital environment. The unit is complimented by the practical content in PARA108: Paramedic Practice: Trauma Emergencies. The Paramedic Theory: Trauma Emergencies unit is required by students to achieve course learning outcomes related to time–critial emergencies.

This unit provides opportunities for students to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in lectures, tutorials, and computer assisted learning. Foundational concepts such as critical thinking, clinical reasoning and clinical judgement will be introduced and practice skills will be developed and extended through scenario based learning in the laboratory.

The aim of this unit is to assist students to use theory to drive their clinical practice and to understand how practice is guided by a continual process of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation – important skills in paramedic practice.