PARA305 - Pre-Hospital Major Incident Management

10 cp
For Bachelor of Paramedicine: PARA210 Paramedic Theory: Medical 2; PARA211 Paramedic Practice: Medical 2
For Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine: PARA213 Paramedic Theory and Practice: Medical 2
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

While large-scale mass casualty incidents are infrequent in Australia, the impact of such events can be catastrophic to the individual and the community. It is a requirement that the paramedic is able to link theory with practice and perform managerial and clinical duties specific to large-scale mass casualty events. To perform these skills well, the paramedic must possess an in-depth knowledge of major incident preparedness, management and response principles. The unit focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of major incident/disaster mass casualty incidents.

Located in the third/final year of the programme, this unit integrates the principles and procedures of major incident and disaster medical response and management. The focus will be on the implementation of major incident response plans for a large scale multi-casualty incidents and principles of risk assessment and minimisation will be applied. This unit will also explore scene control and the management of complex events requiring the support of other emergency agencies and application of triage principles where resources are limited.

The aim of this unit is to assist students to achieve an advanced knowledge of major incident/disaster preparedness, management and response to ensure the optimal outcomes for patients and enhance the professional practice of paramedics.