PARA321 - Community Engagement and Paramedic Practice Innovations

20 cp
Prerequisites: PARA212 Contemporary Challenges in Paramedicine
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

The paramedic requires comprehensive knowledge of the challenges faced by marginalized and diverse groups and the specific health care issues encountered by these groups. This unit explores issues relating to the professional practice of paramedics and the unique challenges faced by paramedics as their role and scope of practice evolves to meet the changing needs of culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

This capstone unit enables students to undertake a community engagement project which explores the concepts of the continuum of care, human dignity, patient-centred care and diversity from a paramedic practice perspective. Students will extend on the concepts introduced in the unit PARA212 and engage with a community group in order to identify the group’s perspective on their specialty needs as a potential consumer of paramedic services. This engagement will underpin a project aimed at proposing a paramedic practice modification or enhancement which is informed by the needs of the community they engage with.

The aim of this unit is to assist students to understand the changing health needs of diverse and marginalised populations through community engagement and how to provide health care to a range of distinctive population groups.