SPHY104 - Evidence Based Practice in Speech Pathology

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning

Competency in evidence based speech pathology practice is a requirement for entry into the speech pathology profession as university graduates accredited by Speech Pathology Australia. Thus, the demonstration of evidence based speech practice is a key learning outcome of the ACU Bachelor of Speech Pathology Course.

This unit introduces students to foundational knowledge and skills related to evidence based practice in speech pathology. Students will learn evidence based practice skills of locating and analysing information from different sources of evidence, including the research literature, the client, and the clinical background. Research designs and processes in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches will be introduced and students will develop beginning skills in reading and appraising the research literature.

Concepts relevant to assessment and outcome measurement including the purpose of measurement, psychometrics, and statistics are introduced. Students will also learn about ethical principles in evidence based speech pathology practice. The aim of this unit is to facilitate the development of foundational knowledge and skills required for evidence-based practice through the explicit learning of theoretical concepts and application to clinical case scenarios.