SPHY200 - Neuroscience Speech Pathology

10 cp
Prerequisites ANAT104 Anatomy and Physiology for Speech Pathology
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

Practitioners of Speech Pathology require a sound understanding of the relevant structures and functions of the central and peripheral nervous system to be able to understand communication and swallowing processes and how disease or dysfunction affects them. In this unit students are introduced to normal structures, functions and development of the nervous system as well as neural plasticity, medical imaging and major change across the lifespan. This includes the somatosensory systems, motor systems, and the role of the brainstem, cranial nerves, and executive systems in controlling speech, language and swallowing processes. Common congenital, degenerative and acquired neurological disorders will also be examined. This unit will enable students to develop a solid foundation in neuroscience knowledge for application to future theoretical and clinical learning related to speech pathology management.