SPHY204 - Speech Disorders (Developmental)

10 cp
Prerequisites SPHY100 Development and Communication across the Lifespan
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning

Speech is a designated Range of Practice Area (RoPA) that speech pathology students are expected to demonstrate competency within in order to meet Entry Level requirements into the profession. Thus, having the capacity to manage children with speech sound disorders such as phonological disorders, articulation disorders, motor speech disorders, and structural disorders is a key aspect of Speech Pathology practice. This unit will provide students with the theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and clinical reasoning skills to enable them to provide evidence-based management (assessment, analysis, diagnosis, intervention, discharge) of speech disorders originating in childhood, that for some, continue across the lifespan. This unit will emphasise the client as an individual and the effect that the speech sound disorder can have on an individual’s participation in their world. As such, this unit contributes to the development of the skills required by students under Speech Pathology Australia’s Competency-based Occupational Standards (CBOS) by providing a theoretical base that ensures successful preparation for future professional practice in the area of child speech disorders.