SPHY207 - Speech Pathology Practice 2B

10 cp
Prerequisites: SPHY203 Professional Practice 2A; SPHY204 Speech Disorders (Development)
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This is the third of seven professional practice units. This unit provides students with an increased focus on the provision of speech pathology intervention. Specifically, students will apply and integrate theory of typical and atypical speech and language development to a paediatric professional practice setting/s. Students will consolidate their knowledge of speech pathology assessment, analysis, and interpretation and develop their knowledge of the planning, implementation and outcome measurement of evidence based intervention/s (Competency based Occupational Standards (CBOS) units 1-4). Students’ professional competencies of clinical reasoning, communication, lifelong learning and professionalism will continue to be developed along with reflective practice.

SWithin this unit students will complete community engagement activities, working collaboratively with community groups and organisations to achieve mutually agreed goals that build capacity, especially with those who are marginalised and disadvantaged.

The overall aim of this unit is to prepare and support students to demonstrate knowledge and skills which meet novice-level professional and occupational standards.