SPHY301 - Mealtimes Feeding and Swallowing

10 cp
Prerequisites: SPHY200 Neuroscience for Speech Pathology; SPHY205 Motor Speech Disorders (Acquired)
Training Organisation: Nil

Swallowing and mealtime difficulties are experienced across the lifespan resulting from both developmental and acquired disorders. Swallowing and mealtime difficulties can have a profound impact on general health, nutrition, hydration and quality of life. Swallowing is one of six range of practice areas for which the Bachelor of Speech Pathology is accredited.

Content in this unit explores the socio–cultural importance, development, and maintenance of mealtime, feeding, and swallowing skills across the lifespan. This unit will cover normal development as a basis for understanding limitations of function and the impact on nutrition, general health, and psychosocial wellbeing. Causal and contributing factors to mealtime, feeding, and swallowing difficulties will be explored. These will include developmental and acquired conditions, congenital conditions, behaviours of concern, and personal and environmental factors discussed alongside current evidence–based, client–centred assessment and management approaches and ethical and medicolegal considerations.

This unit aims to provide the theoretical basis and evidence of indirect assessment of clinical skills equivalent to entry level competency in this range of practice area of swallowing., It will prepare students to work with both children and adults who experience mealtime, feeding and swallowing difficulties, facilitating psychosocial wellbeing, general health, and quality of life.