SPHY302 - Speech Pathology Practice 3a

10 cp
Prerequisites All 2nd year SPHY unit
Training Organisation

This unit is the fourth of seven Professional Practice units in the Bachelor of Speech Pathology. In this unit students must develop the speech pathology competencies of reasoning, communication, life-long learning and professionalism to an intermediate level of competency under the supervision of ACU staff and Professional Practice Educators.

This unit also provides students with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate competency in the adult range of practice areas across the Competency based Occupational standards of assessment, analysis and interpretation, and the planning, and implementation of intervention (CBOS units 1-4); skills essential for entry into the profession.

Specifically, students will explore increasingly complex adult case scenarios, where a higher level of integration and application of knowledge is required. Students will progress towards being more independent in their professional practice skills, attitudes and knowledge, as well as further developing their identity and competence as a speech pathologist.