SPHY304 - Fluency Disorders Across the Lifespan

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Prerequisites SPHY200 Neuroscience for Speech Pathology; SPHY207 Speech Pathology Practice 2B
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Fluency is a designated Range of Practice Area (RoPA) in which speech pathology students are expected to demonstrate competency in order to meet professional Entry Level requirements. Stuttering and other fluency disorders impact on an individual’s ability to function and participate in society, with people who stutter at a significantly increased risk for developing anxiety disorders and social phobia.

In this unit, students will analyse research about stuttering typology, epidemiology, causal, and prognostic factors associated with stuttering to support a foundation for clinical practice. Additionally, they will apply the International Classification of Functioning (ICF) framework to people who stutter to identify client needs and provide holistic and comprehensive client care. Finally, through Through collaboration within a national community of practice, students will develop their professional competencies in using new technologies, to provide intervention and support for people who stutter.

The overall aim of this unit is for students to develop entry level competency in assessment, analysis, planning and management of stuttering and it’s impact, and guided by evidence–based principles and client–centred practice.