SPHY306 - Research in Speech Pathology

10 cp
Prerequisites SPHY204 Speech Disorders (Developmental); SPHY205 Motor Speech Disorders (Acquired); SPHY201 Language Disorders (Developmental); SPHY202 Language Disorders (Acquired)
Teaching Organisation

Speech pathologists are expected to provide evidence based management across the range of practice areas to ensure that clients have access to the most appropriate services. Competency in evidence based speech pathology practice is also a requirement for entry into the speech pathology profession as university graduates accredited by Speech Pathology Australia.

Students in this unit will advance and apply the knowledge of EBP they established in SPHY104 by integrating academic knowledge with clinical reasoning thereby positioning them to make sound decisions regarding research design and utilization of research in clinical practice. Students will demonstrate application of critical thinking to all aspects of the research process including (a) in-depth evaluation of the speech pathology and broader health sciences literature; (b) interpretation of the clinical importance of research findings to identify implications for practice and research; and (c) the written and verbal communication of evidence-based clinical decision making in the field of speech pathology.

The aim of this unit is to facilitate the development of applied knowledge and skills required for evidence-based practice through the explicit learning of theoretical concepts and application to clinical case scenarios. This will ensure that students to become competent in clinical-research decision making so that clients have access to the most appropriate services.