SPHY307 - Complex Cases in Speech Pathology

10 cp
Prerequisites: All Year 3 Semester 1 SPHY units
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This unit provides students with the opportunity to assimilate the Speech Pathology Australia range of practice areas of (ROPAs) within complex case scenarios. Speech pathologists are required to draw on their various knowledge bases, evaluate, integrate, and reason across and within the range of practice areas in order to provide evidence based assessment and intervention. Speech pathology practice is made more complex when the client’s communication/swallowing condition(s) and/or the interaction between the client’s condition and context present cultural, moral, ethical, legal, occupational, social/emotional and/or service delivery challenges.

In this unit, case scenarios will provide a platform for reflection, discussion, problem solving and decision making students will revisit content taught in earlier units, (in particular the ROPAs of paediatric and adult speech and language), but with increased complexity, enabling students to demonstrate Entry–Level skills in professional and occupational competencies